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How Do You Localize Your Brand Message?

Marketing Branding Business Commercial Design ConceptGoing global is important, but if you want to focus on a certain city, neighborhood or country, localizing your brand message is a must. A localized approach allows you to embody how a local person thinks, acts and engages with certain brands. This strategy is risky, but once done correctly, yields profits and a long-term and loyal consumer base. Localizing your message goes beyond direct and simple translation.

An SEO company in Provo cites the following ways on how you can localize your brand message.

Claim Local Sites

Before you start localizing your brand’s message, one of the first things you do is to set the infrastructure for success. You’ll need the skeleton before you build the body; to improve the probability of a localized campaign, start claiming local listing websites such as Google Places, Yahoo! Local and Bing Local just to name a few. Secure the listing of your brand’s physical stores to move up the search results pages.

After you claim the local listings on the mentioned websites, optimize your profile by uploading photos and videos, and accurately putting the right contact information. Doing these improves your page rank and makes it easier for locals to find your site and physical store.

Local Staff and Influencers

What better way to plug into a local community than having staff that lives there? Local people know the ins and outs of the neighborhood, the slang and lingo, and which approach may work best. Have them manage social media accounts to post about your brand, send your message and respond to queries.

Localized Content

The next step of your efforts is to make content specifically for that area. One of the ways to do so is through self-directed localization; this is a flexible strategy because you provide the branded materials and assets such as photos and the logo. This provides your local team direction when it comes to developing content for a particular audience.

These are strategies that allow you to localize your brand message and click with a particular audience in a community, city or town.