The Indicators

How to Design a Beer Label that will Attract Consumers

Beer LabelAlthough it is undeniably crucial for your beer to taste remarkably great, it’s also important that the packaging looks great because of its influence on consumers’ purchase decisions. With numerous beers vying for attention on the market shelves, yours has to stand out among the rest; here’s how to do just that.

Think About your Target Consumer

Determine your ideal consumer so you could design a label that will connect with them by giving them something that they could identify with. For instance, if you wish your brand to be identified with the younger crowd, design your label with them in mind.

What’s Currently Trending?

Check out what’s trending in the design world and your top-selling competition. You could either improve on what they’re doing or go the other way entirely. Consider a somewhat vintage feel since it’s always a hit with beer drinkers.  

A Dash of Personality

Consumers love a brand with a good story, says an expert from Flexo Impressions. Don’t hesitate to give it to them through your heat shrink beer bottle sleeves’ color palette, illustrations, typography, or imagery. If you’re selling different flavors or types of beer, give each flavor or type their own story or personality. Likewise, you could use the label to inform consumers about what to expect when they purchase it.

Don’t Overlook the Neck

You should top off your label design with an equally outstanding label for the bottle’s neck. It could be as simple as incorporating your label or some part of your brand’s identity for different flavors. Just make sure to match it to the actual label design for stronger impact.

Stay Consistent

To make certain that your target consumer will immediately recognize your brand, your theme has to be consistent. For instance, if you’re selling various flavors, ensure that each label is consistent with your main product.

Keep in mind that your beer’s label will serve to introduce your product to your target consumer. This means that it should get their attention and leave a lasting, positive impression.