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How Urbanization Replenishes the Energy of Aging Cities

A beautiful houseRe-urbanization is a strong force in the economy. This energizes the construction of new housing, from condominiums to subdivisions. explains that there is a need to differentiate from one developer to another. This helps the potential home buyer to understand the market for new homes better. Prospective buyers are provided with information, allowing them to make informed choices in buying their dream house.

A history of urbanization

One of the most striking examples of renewed urbanization or modernization is Taft Avenue in Manila and Pasay. This used to be a prime urban area before World War II, with its sweep of Art Deco buildings and government offices. The pre-war buildings had a distinctive look of solid columns and thick walls. These include the Philippine General Hospital, Supreme Court, and Post Office buildings, as well as the Philippine Women’s University and St. Scholastica’s College.

Now, these buildings stand proud, as others within the district have been torn down, and new office buildings, condominiums and malls have risen. Unlike in other countries where gentrification is a community initiative, the stretch of Taft Avenue has weathered the rise and fall of economies as well as the expansion of businesses elsewhere. It has created a calm demeanor where the pace is the lifeblood of the city.

The first light rail

The LRT-1 line passes through Taft Avenue on its route from Baclaran to Monumento. This is the first light rail line, and the oldest existing train system in the metro. It has had its shares of up and downtime, but it has remained an integral part of the city.

Riding the train affords the commuter a sight of the urban landscape, which is not seen from the streets. The house roofs and views of building windows slowly change through time, and show how the urban plight and growth wanes and waxes.

Re-urbanization per se is not bad. It is a natural process in the life of the city. It is an indicator of human ecology, and Taft Avenue is a throbbing reminder of it.