The Indicators

How You Will Know if Your SEO Campaign is Working

SEO StrategyProgress is somewhat difficult to define for SEO since it involves plenty of variables. If you’re looking to understanding the progress of your SEO strategy, start by evaluating the key factors.

Here are some of them:

  • The number of people who found your website via organic search – This will tell you’re the number of people who actually clicked on your website. Take note that this number should consistently increase over time.
  • The number of web pages that get search traffic – Determine how many of your site’s web pages have received organic traffic so you could gauge how your on-page SEO efforts are doing.
  • The number of people who found your site via referrals – Basically, referral traffic is traffic from external links that point to your website. If you have high-quality links containing great content on authority websites, this number will naturally increase in conjunction with organic traffic, according to a reputable SEO marketing agency.
  • Your content’s performance – Identify the performance of your content through Google Analytics, social activity, and comment threads. Review which ones are underperforming and which ones are performing well and why.
  • Your social signals – While getting thousands of social shares isn’t enough to directly solidify your rankings, it will serve as a signal of your content’s performance (determine which ones get shared frequently) and earn you links and brand visibility.
  • Links you receive – As you gain authority and prominence in your field, you will see that you earn links that you didn’t really build yourself. Assess the quantity and quality of your links to gauge the authority of your site.
  • The amount of your conversions – Your conversions through organic traffic could give an estimate of the relevance of that traffic to your brand. Your audience targeting is probably ineffective if your conversions are lagging behind.
  • Your rankings – If you suddenly experienced a drop in one of your niche keywords because of a competitor, you should consider upping your SEO game or redirecting your efforts to a less competitive niche.

Keep in mind, however, that depending on your SEO campaigns structure and goals, these factors might not be the end and be all of your SEO strategy. But by analyzing these key factors, you could better understand your SEO efforts and where it’s heading, so you could improve and modify whenever necessary.