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Important Day Care Facts Every Parent Should Know

Children Playing Blocks In A Daycare CentreOf all the forms of early childhood education (ECE) in New Zealand, daycare takes the number one spot in terms of popularity. In a 2015 report from the Ministry of Education, over 120,000 children attended these educational facilities in the said year, making it the most popular, followed by kindergarten and home-based learning.

Why daycare?

There are many good reasons you would want to enrol your child to a daycare centre. Of course, the most obvious one is to have someone you can trust – and highly qualified – to look after your little one as you work at the office. Then, there is the fact that these structured learning environments pave the way for early childhood education, which, as studies have found, deliver numerous benefits.

Which daycare?

When it comes to choosing a daycare centre, the primary factor you should consider is your child’s needs, followed by yours. You want only the best for your little one, so the facility you choose must satisfy the standard level of care and education for the specific age bracket your child belongs to.

Ask relevant questions, such as the type of teaching and learning programmes they have. Do not forget that children need naps, especially in the afternoon, so you should consider a room furnished with cots for toddlers in a daycare.

Finalising your decision

Before you make any payments to a daycare centre, set up an appointment and arrange a visit with your child for a few hours. This is one of the best ways to determine whether the institution is the best fit for you and your child. It gives you the chance to see the facility yourself, whilst your child can have a 'feel' of the new environment.