Is Your Site a Ranking Bottom Dweller? Here’s Why

Search Engine ResultSearch engine results get tricky because of algorithm updates and tweaks that Google makes. Sometimes these catch a website owner by surprise and they discover that their page one ranking is now just on page two.

This may happen to any of us, that is why it is important to determine the reasons these occur, explains PurpleClick Media.

You Target Short-tail, High Volume Keywords

A few years ago, it was normal to target short-tail and high volume keywords. However, with the recent changes in Google’s algorithm, it is difficult to rank using this same technique because of penalties and competitors vying for the same set of words. Shorter keywords increase traffic, but if you use long-tail words, you get a certain group of visitors who are likely to become paying customers.

Poor and Duplicate Content

The days of stuffing sites with keywords and links to succeed online are long gone. Search engines are now putting a premium on the content a site publishes to rank them. Duplicate content violates guidelines and may incur ranking penalties. On the other hand, poor content will fail to pique the interest of one-time visitors. As the online marketing cliché goes, content is king. Producing shareable blog posts, articles, press releases and videos are part of the components of a successful online marketing campaign.

 Lack of Inbound Links and Mentions

Sites that rank high have a few things in common, one of which is a good inbound link profile. Link building is still very much alive and kicking, but it’s not like before. Links from high quality, relevant and authoritative sites give yours link juice to boost its ranking and search engine relevance.

These are only a handful of the reasons your site is no longer ranking as it used to. Identifying these problems enables you to make adjustments to improve your online marketing campaign.