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Job Hiring in the Digital Age: What Comes Next?

Man being interviewed by an employerBusinesses these days encounter challenges when it comes to retaining and recruiting talents. Wise companies understand that they would need to sort out the best candidates to reach their goals.

They now use technology to their advantage in the financial services firm recruitment and the hiring process. Here are some common practices of hiring in the digital age.

From Printed Resumes to Online Profiles

When online job applications and LinkedIn first started gaining traction, they started out as an addition to the once common printed resumes and in-person interview. Fast forward a few years later, recruitment has practically gone 100 percent digital.

According to Bob Myhal, former CEO of NextHire and director of digital marketing at CBC Advertising, individual aptitudes skills and experiences that only exist in the digital world will completely replace resumes.

Companies will now begin to use advanced tools that utilise other technologies, huge data, and social media as their initial screening method. These tools will offer them an outstanding observation into the capacity of a candidate.

Entelo CEO Job Bischke says that digital profiles can actually offer more outlook into an individual job seeker compared to a printed profile.

The Job Seekers’ Expectations

Candidates these days understand their value and know about the competitive environment they are entering. They believe that opportunities are endless, so they would easily pass up on an employer that takes too long to respond or has a difficult application process.

Companies, however, want to maximise the job seeker’s experience with the process. To keep up with the candidates, they usually rely on recruitment marketing technologies. This includes using employee referral networks and specialised tools that encourage sourcing on job boards.

Moreover, it also consists of the employee onboarding and offboarding portals, as well as, candidate job portals.

In due time, algorithms will be able to select the best candidate for a job vacancy in just a matter of minutes. Job seekers and companies alike have to ensure that they keep up with the ever-evolving digital realm.