Keep Calm and Focus on Content, Not Backlinking

Online Marketing in TennesseeThere’s no arguing that backlinks are important in any SEO effort. Every expert would insist on the same thing. While it’s vital, some SEOs tend to focus too much on a tool never meant to be a marketing strategy.

When backlinks take over the primary focus of your campaign, your shift in focus will have its consequences. Readers will notice it and so will the influencers you need. Rather than wait for the worst to happen, it’s time to pause and do what’s right.

The Harder You Go, the Farther the Reach

According to SEO experts at, stressing over gaining backlink followers while avoiding manual penalty results in losing focus with citations.

You cannot rely soly on backlinks as a linking strategy — it’s all about Link Schemes list provisioning. The links should remain relevant to the topic or fight for positions recommended for reading.

Link spamming isn’t good for your campaign — it can have serious consequences. Google can (and will) penalize you, resulting in a demotion. Penalization is the last thing you want; it can affect your revenue streams.

Backlinks: Positive Results

Backlinks should never be the main point of your marketing campaign. Instead, it must be a reward of your efforts. They can contribute to your search results but this just comes from the idea that you legitimately gain backlinks from the user’s choice.

As SEO experts and brands, it’s time to step away from the dials and stop making everything complicated. Instead, go back to the basics of search engine optimization, which involves creating sound websites crawlers can easily find and read.

Start developing and sharing content that matters. Remember: focusing too much on backlinks just wastes all your SEO efforts. Write content that helps customers solve their problems and improve their lives. Stop looking for system gaps and start focusing on quality experience.