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Keeping Kids Busy: Skills to Become Successful Adults

Kids Learning in DubaiIt is never too early to start teaching children skills that will help them become successful adults. In fact, if you follow the 10,000 Hour Rule, which states that it takes 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to become world-class in any field, the sooner a child starts learning, the better.

Some skills are ideal to have than others, so the question is, which one should you choose for your child? Here are three ideas that will help you.

Money Management

Teaching your children how to spend responsibly and how to save up will help them develop a smart attitude towards money. It also means that they will not be highly dependent on you for everything, making their transition to adulthood easier later on. It is important that you explain financing to them in terms that they will understand.

Second Language

Signing up your kid to a language proficiency program will give them an edge in an already globalized society. Recent research also found out that the brain of a bilingual has an enhanced ability to concentrate and is less likely to develop dementia and other age-related cognitive decline.

When studying a language, the Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai suggests that early immersion is suitable to allow children to have command of more than one language at a highly functional level.

Passionate About Sports

Sports will expose children to physical activities that will keep them healthy and in shape. It will also boost their sense of discipline, responsibility, and social skills through interaction with kids their age. Soccer, martial arts, and swimming are some common choices for children.

When it comes to teaching children new skills, it is important to keep the lessons light and not overbearing to make sure they will still have fun.