Landscape Architect: Find the Right One for Your Commercial Property

Landscape ArchitectLiving in a concrete jungle like New York may seem suffocating to some. With all the skyscrapers surrounding you, seeing a hint of green in properties is a breath of fresh air. Fortunately, many are aware of the beauty and importance of landscape architecture.

If you own a commercial property, you may have already given some thought to adding bits of green wherever applicable. The big question is, how do you find the right landscape architect?

  • Know what you want

Read about landscape architecture in magazines and on the Internet, and familiarize yourself with the various designs used in commercial properties today. In short, do your research before anything else. Knowing what you want to do with your property is the first step to finding the right architect for you.

  • Referrals

Ask for referrals from your family, friends, or whoever you trust. The owners of neighboring establishments are also the best people to ask, as they share the same community as you and may have hired or may still be working with the same landscape architect.

  • Cost

Set a reasonable budget for your landscaping needs. Once you have it, stick to it. MPFP and other landscape architects noted that a professional would know how to work within the budget you can give without compromising the quality of work they provide.

  • Professional Output

Do a background check on your chosen architect. Are they part of an association? Do they have a license? How many years have been they serving clients? Ask for their previous and current works if they haven’t uploaded anything on their website. Decide whether or not they are the right people to do the job.

  • Policies and Flexibility

Landscape architecture is more than designing and building. Architects should also adhere to state policies and laws, specifically those for New York. Repair and refund policies should also be clear in case problems arise. A good architect should be flexible to your needs, and they should strictly follow appointments and deadlines.

Use these suggestions to evaluate and choose the right architect for you. Don’t rush the process if you want results that you would be proud to show off.