Lavish Nail Polish Perfect for Different Events

Lavish Nail PolishYour nails can go unnoticed or make it the centre of attention. The choice depends on you just like in choosing a colour for your nail polish. It is highly personal though you have to admit that your preferences have to go with the occasion.

So when you are eyeing for bold, lavish colours, you must be thinking of these five events you can’t miss attending.

First Date

Women spend time preparing for it and your nails are no exception. Put on some delicious shades of red or pink or bold peach to reflect that you’re excited about this event. But if there’s a colour that will put you in the mood, it’s the classic red.


People look forward to holidays. Why wouldn’t you when it allows you to break from monotony? Hence, the daring changes people make to their look from haircut to nail polish. Gloss & Co. lists sunny yellow, blazing orange-red or a vibrant tropical colour can help you in that department.

School Reunion

Remember those events when you want to be at your very best? It is one of them. Try warm hues like pinks and purples. These will give you a welcoming aura which is necessary for an event where you’ll be seeing familiar people for the first time again in years.

Girls Bonding

Thinking about being with your best girlfriends soon? You know it would be a fun, vibrant day! Make your nail colours keep up with the required energy level by choosing glistening hues. Metallic silver, shimmering purple, or deep glittery lavender will help you do that and more like keep the night sparkling or offset a monochromatic outfit.


Posh boutiques can be intimidating until you arrive prepared with well-manicured nails, make-up and all. Rough red, blood orange red and even soft pink can do the trick, especially when you’re feeling ultra-fem.

There are plenty of nail polish colours to choose from. You can narrow it down with time and place and factors like your dress colour, lipstick shade, and skin tone. The right colour choice makes your personality shine.

Feel free to choose!