Let There Be Light: Ways Light Affects You

Lights for the public display signsThe type of lights you install in your residential and commercial spaces affect the people who use it in more ways than one. Here are some of the ways on how lights affect people. Keep these in mind if you are looking for commercial lighting companies in Tampa, Florida such as AMPRO.

Bright lights can hurt your eyes

Some people are more sensitive to light than others, and artificial lights that are too bright can hurt their eyes. Photo phobia or light sensitivity is a real issue, and people who suffer from this condition can experience irritation by various light sources, especially artificial light.

Apart from headaches, it can make their eyes hurt after a period. So if you have some employees in your office that are light sensitive, do consider the brightness of the commercial lights you are going to have installed.

Lights affect concentration

Have you noticed that most schools and office buildings are brightly lit? This is because brightly lit rooms help people concentrate more. But there is a thin line between helping people focus and making them feel uneasy and nervous.

If you want your employees to have higher productivity rates, consider dimming some of the office lights a little to help them concentrate and not feel nervous.

Lights can affect your sleep cycle

While you sleep cycle is highly dependent on the day’s activities, when sleep cycles get disrupted, it is harder to fall asleep and get back on track. This is why experts advise to keep the lights in your bedroom dim to promote rest and sleep.

Bright lights can cause you to stay awake, and sleep can be harder to get. So if you want to read a book before going to sleep, use a lamp instead.

When you are deciding what types of light to install, do not just consider the price tag. Determine the people who will use it and how you want the light to affect them.