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Love Lives on with Clean Headstones: Your Part in Cleaning

Pink Flower On A GravestoneGone, but not forgotten. When it comes to maintaining your loved one’s resting place, one of the simplest things to do is keep the headstones clean. It sounds like a ridiculously easy job (and it is), but doing it better is always an option.

First, Check if There Are Damages

The changing weather conditions plus the surroundings make the headstone susceptible to wear and tear. While regular cleaning helps them last longer, signs of deterioration such as chips and flakes should be addressed. Consider getting the headstones replaced by a respectable headstone maker in Salt Lake City.

Second, Determine the Kind of Stone and Use the Right Cleaning Approach

The majority of today’s headstones are granite, marble, slate, and even limestone. There are many cleaning solutions available for each type of stone. Still, the simplest ways – using clean water and soft scrub brushes – also work. Do not use corrosive cleaning solutions such as borax, muriatic acid, and phosphoric acid.

To address caked-on dirt and growth, use a plastic scraper. Regardless of the type of stone used, the key is to be gentle with the cleaning process to avoid scraping or damaging it further.

Third, Be Patient with the Cleaning

Do not be tempted to use a pressure washer to get rid of the caked-on dirt, grime, and other organisms. It is too harsh for a gravestone; you might damage it. To avoid staining, always wash and scrub from the bottom to the top. Be patient when cleaning gravestones, but don’t overdo it either. Some materials such as slate, sandstone, and marble don’t need to be cleaned regularly because it results in premature deterioration.

Keeping the gravestones of loved ones well-maintained is one of the simplest ways to keep their memories alive. It’s a show of support and love despite their absence.