Media Buying: What’s in Store for You?

Media Exposure in UtahIf your awesome advertisement or commercial is shown on air, but no one saw it, will it still be considered a success? Advertising isn’t only about crafting a remarkable ad, everyone — your target market specifically — should see it. This is where media buying comes in.

What Exactly is Media Buying?

The term media buying is the act of choosing and purchasing specific media real estate so you can acquire the most beneficial time slots and spaces for your ad. These media real estate options include newspaper ad spaces, banner ads online, and TV slots during prime-time programming to name a few.

The entire media buying process includes three critical aspects, which are networking, investigation, and negotiation. Media buyers should be highly capable of developing and nurturing relationships with the owners of different ad channels. Airtime, newspaper, and website ad spaces are not unlimited so they have to get in touch and cultivate close relationships with the right owners to promote the ads they’re purchasing media for.

Buyers should likewise know where to look for the most appropriate and top venues for ad distribution. This means that buyers must always be on top of media trends, adds a top media buyer in Utah. They should know all about the newest and best distribution platforms and target market so they can easily translate these into advantageous client recommendations. In addition, buyers must be capable of negotiating for fair prices when buying media slots and finding extras or deals that will benefit their clients.

As you can see, media buying isn’t just about, well, buying media. It is for this reason that an experienced media buyer should be your ally. If you don’t have the budget, start by conducting media research and once you know your way around the industry, begin growing your personal media network. Create a database of contacts and then reach out to the proper media channels. And always keep in mind that the key to effective marketing is abundant exposure and that an unnoticed ad, however beautifully made and exceptional, will be a useless investment.