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    jack russell terrier pupCongratulations! The family has decided to welcome a dog into their lives, an experience that most people find rewarding. Dogs are referred to as ‘man’s best friend’ because they are highly social animals that enjoy human company and are very loving. Taking care of a dog, however, is a long-term investment. Just like babies, there are essential items for puppies, too.  Looking for pet supplies online in Australia such as in Shop4Pets can be exciting and fun even for a first-timer.


    When choosing a bed for a puppy, it should be machine- washable in case of accidents and big enough for the animal to stretch out. Getting two is a good idea as then one is available while the other is in the wash.

    Bowls and Food

    A puppy needs food and water bowls appropriate to the size or breed of the dog. Always check feeding instructions on pet food to find the correct amount to feed a dog.

    Collar and Lead

    The dog should always wear a disc in a properly fitting collar listing the owner’s name and address. A lead is also needed for walks and when taking the dog to public places. When training a puppy to walk correctly on the lead, an anti-pull harness is a good buy too.

    Poop Bags

    The law requires that owners clear away their dog’s mess both at home and when out and about, so a supply of poop bags is a must.

    Outdoor Kennel

    Outdoor kennels are vital when a dog spends any time in the garden. They provide shelter in the colder weather and ventilation and shade in the summer. Always leave a fresh bowl of water outside too.

    Dog Shampoo and Brushes

    Furry friends need to bathe too, and long-haired breeds, in particular, need grooming regularly.

    If trimming the dog, a dog coat might also be considered for chillier weather.

    Dog Crate

    A dog crate is invaluable. They can be used to sleep a dog overnight, while house training or when the owner is leaving the house for short periods of time.  They can also be used during car journeys as the law requires that a dog is suitably restrained during transit.


    A puppy is a baby and needs entertainment. A selection of toys is essential.

    After deciding to get a puppy, new owners may not know what’s essential and what isn’t. Purchasing these items will mean your pet will have everything they need. Then all that needs adding is love.