National Police Check: A Must in the Hiring Process

Criminal Background CheckAccording to the statistics of the Western Australia Police, the incidence of crime for the year 2015-2016 against property alone is 180,896. Crime against persons has an unbelievable number of 45,259. This means that everyone, including business establishments, should be more vigilant.

To do their part in hampering the incidence of crime, companies should run potential employees on national police checks in WA before hiring them.

Comprehensive hiring process

To prevent your business or company from becoming a part of the crime statistics, you may want to implement an extensive hiring process – one that involves a good amount of background check. The following types of business establishments should have this kind of information on their employees.

Financial institutions like banks and loan companies. While banks and other financial institutions are insured, it is always better to prevent crime than address its effects. In addition to security measures, the hiring process should be as stringent as possible to filter applicants.

Services involving children and private transports. Children are vulnerable to perpetrators when they ride the bus. This goes the same for businesses that offer services to transport private individuals.

Services like this should always make sure that their staff and drivers undergo the necessary training and background check to ensure their clients are safe and secure.

Schools and business offices. It is a given fact that children spend most of their time in school. Employees also devote more time in the office than at home. It is important that children are safe in school. This is why they conduct extensive background checks in schools before they hire workers.

Business offices should also do the same, as it is not only money that criminals take an interest in, but also data and valuable information.

There is no amount of vigilance that can make sure a crime-free business or service. However, with the right system and cooperation with proper government organisations dealing with public safety, crimes against persons and property is at a minimum.