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NZTA Partners with Unisys for Driver and Vehicle Registry Platform

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The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) partnered with an American company, Unisys, for the delivery of the Agile Motor Vehicle and Registry Services platform.

The alliance will help in streamlining the existing driver and vehicle registry platform in New Zealand, where legislative changes on driver and road safety programmes have been in effect. It will seek to comply with the current regulatory policies with the use of the new Agile scheme for software development.

Contract Terms

Both parties will work on transferring the Registry Suite platform into a cloud-based Agile DevOps delivery environment. Unisys said that the transition will allow the current registry to gain access to evolving solutions and make a fast, informed response to any changes, such legislative reforms. The NZTA and Unisys will work on the switch for five and a half years.

The NZTA’s Registry Suite comprises a group of systems for different initiatives, including licences, automobile registrations and road user charges. The partnership will further improve the state of road safety in the country. Apart from having safety equipment such as flashing beacon lights from, companies involved in highway construction will benefit from the partnership in a way.

The Registry

According to the NZTA, the registry platform stores data about vehicles used in the country as well as information about their owners. It also has a record of cars believed to be stolen from their owners. The agency created the platform to enforce traffic laws, maintain road safety, collect fees, administer and develop transportation regulations and policies. But with a cloud-based registry platform, the agency will not only perform its duties well, but it will also have an improved data storage and management.

The partnership will be a great contribution to the entire transport industry in the country. After all, modernising the platform will certainly help in keeping track of vehicle registrations, as the technology used in cars becomes advanced, as well.