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Office Boardroom Furniture Choices From Classic to Custom-Built

Board Room in an officeThe boardroom is the showcase space for many organisations, a marvel of corporate proportions from the design theme, space layout and of course furniture. Many companies go to great lengths to have a gorgeous and well-appointed office boardroom and the right furniture. Not only are VIPs and special people received in the boardroom, but it’s also where the company’s most important decisions are made.
Designers and clients must agree on the appropriate boardroom pieces while considering flexibility (both regarding ease of use and in customisation), performance and budget.

The Boardroom Table

Regardless of room size, the boardroom table is the major piece from which all other furnishing designs follow. In selecting the pièce de résistance, consider how many people are to be seated, the room size, and the shape that will work best.

Classic – Most pioneering institutions incorporate classic wood and leather in their boardrooms, with the centrepiece table made of expensive wood (cedar, mahogany or dark wood) and matching wide, leather-wrapped chairs.
Contemporary – Boardroom tables that blend classic sophistication and stylish comfort as seen in full glass or marble tabletops, gilded steel, or veneers, may also incorporate state-of-the-art conveniences like microphones and computers.
Modern – A popular choice among tech-driven companies are metallic, Pantone-themed boardroom tables integrated with multimedia and IT peripherals such as monitors, USB hubs, speakers and collaboration apps and software (for instant documentation and remote conferencing).

Avant Garde – Artists and creative people thrive in spirited, eccentric boardroom tables from kidney-shaped to downward sloping designs in mixed materials that are great for making a statement.

Customised – Built to client specification and crafted to personal requirements of function (such as centralised microphones, built-in storage, computers and cabling connections) and aesthetics (on-table brand engravings or memorial plates).

Boardroom Chairs, Accessories and Peripherals

Boardroom chairs must match the table and complement the overall design theme of the room. The same goes for fixtures and accessories such as panels, storage and decorative drawers as well as lamps and lighting rods.  Peripherals may also come in the form of furniture pieces like speakers, projector walling, and multimedia boxes.


With the abundance of designs, office boardroom furniture providers must be able to offer variety complemented by value-added services like space planning and lighting recommendations for an excellent and holistic service.