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Pee Problem: The Reason Women Need ‘Sit-Friendly’ Toilet Seats

Person Flushing the ToiletIt’s an unspoken rule that women follow when using toilets in shopping malls or bars: squat over the seat and never let any part of the body touch the surface. It’s understandable, given the thought that there are too many people who’ve used the loo. Health experts, however, advise against the toilet practice. Property owners or managers have the responsibility to create a hygienic space where people can use the toilets the healthy way after all.

Squatting vs. Sitting

According to medical specialists, hovering over the toilets as opposed to completely sitting down on it leaves pelvic muscles tensed. These muscles would need to be relaxed for the bladder to go empty. There’s a high chance that there’s urine left as a result of the unrelaxed muscles. People may experience accidental leaks when laughing, coughing, or doing strenuous activities. Furthermore, that urine ‘residue’ may cause irritation in the bladder, which results in more frequent trips to the bathroom.

Towards a ‘Sit-Friendly’ Toilet

On one hand, squatting over toilets isn’t healthy. On the other, sitting down isn’t sanitary. The burden then falls to building owners to maintain hygienic toilets, and to bring back people’s confidence in healthy bathroom habits. You should have a cleaning policy and a clear procedure protocol in place, which ensures that toilets are ‘sit-friendly’.

Generally, sanitation procedures involve three major steps. The first one, which is the most crucial, is disinfection of surfaces. This includes not just of toilets, but also of commercial bathroom partitions and sinks. Cleaning chemicals have different dwell times, the period the disinfectant should stay on the surface to effectively kill germs, so cleaning specialists often do this first and perform the rinsing after the next steps are done.

The second step is sweeping and mopping of the floors, getting rid of debris. The third and last step is emptying trash bins and refilling tissue and soap dispensers.

Apparently, the habit of squatting over toilets isn’t any better than sitting down. If customer service is at the core of your business, sanitation and sit-friendly toilets should be at the top of your priority.