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    photo shoot for a male modelNothing beats having a perfect photo as a remembrance of an important event or occasion. A great photo, however, requires great planning and foresight. Whether its prenuptial photo-shoot, a wedding or even any celebration, a perfect picture means paying attention to even the smallest of details.

    So what are the things that make up an impeccable photograph? The expert photographers at the Utah-based JayLynn Studios cites these three photography elements:


    One of the first steps towards achieving your goal of having the perfect photo is scouting for the perfect location. The location sets the mood of your photo shoot and gives the overall setting or background of your picture. Choose a location that complements the subjects. Check the place before the actual photo-shoot so you can identify and prepare for possible problems and visualize what you want to achieve on your pictures.

    Excellent Lighting

    Ever heard about the golden hour of photography? Digital Trends define the golden hour as the best time for taking pictures outdoors. It is usually the first few minutes after sunrise and before sunset. The light outdoors is soft during these times and it creates a radiant effect on the subject and the background. There’s no harsh and hot sunlight to melt your makeup and make you sweat; just an all-natural glow that can make your pictures look powerful and ethereal.

    Wardrobe and Props

    As the subject, you are the most important part of the photo. So plan your outfit, makeup, and discover the most flattering pose for each piece of clothing you are going to wear. Little details like your hairdo, accessories, footwear, and props contribute to the final look of your pictures.

    Creating the perfect photograph to have a remembrance which you can hang in your home isn’t always easy, but it can be more challenging when you’re doing it on your own. Hiring a professional photographer is a smarter choice as it leaves you with little else to do besides give your ideas and describe the output you want to achieve.