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Piano Care: Keeping Your Instrument in Top Playing Condition

Piano CareYour piano is a complex piece of musical instrument, with an intricate system of springs, levers, and hammers. It is a blending of many diverse and raw materials, with about more than 9,000 parts in the key and action combination alone. The remarkable blending of materials, for the most part, create a unique and timeless sound that no other instrument in the world can genuinely produce.

As with any other expensive furniture, it is of utmost importance to take good care of the instrument. Your piano can provide you with years of reliable service if you follow proper maintenance and servicing. Piano service providers in Kitchener, such as Oxford Piano Service, share a few recommendations on keeping the instrument in its top playing condition.

Proper Conditions

Keep your piano is a place where the temperature and humidity are just right. This is because extreme humidity can lead to unclear tone, dull hammer action, as well as rusting of internal parts. Sudden temperature changes, on the other hand, causes the moisture to condense on the piano strings, resulting in corrosion. Your piano will function best under consistent room temperature, at about 68 °F and 42% of relative humidity.

Piano Cleaning

Be sure to wipe the keys with a clean and dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or those that contain alcohol. If the keyboards are extremely dirty, wipe it using a cloth dipped in water-soap solution. Don’t forget to clean the surface of the piano, as well. Avoid spilling or contact with certain materials such as liquids, petroleum-based products, or anything that contain alcohol.

Tuning and Adjustment

Your piano needs bi-annual tuning to retighten the string and correct the pitch of every note. During the first year of purchase, it is advisable for the instrument to be tuned about four times. Keep in mind that a piano will stay in better condition if you keep up with regular tuning. If your piano, however, has gone several years without tuning, it will require extra service, like pitch raising.

Ensure top performance for a long time with proper piano care. Ask your dealer or call a service provider to know more about the tuning and care your instrument needs.