Plan Your Summer Pool Party With The Help of This Checklist

Group Of Friends Having Party In PoolSummer is here once again and it’s time to spend some time outdoors for that much-needed rest and recreation and exciting pool parties. Here’s a quick checklist to help you get started with your fun summer party planning.

What, When, Where

These three Ws are the fundamentals of planning. Once you’ve established the time, date, and venue, it’ll be easier to see what you can do for the party and how you can set it up. It will also play a big role in planning for the party theme and menu that’s appropriate for the day.

Serve a Menu that Works

If you’re having an afternoon pool party, then serving finger food, snacks in cups, and afternoon cocktails is ideal. For evening parties, the same menu will work but you might want to throw in some barbecue and easy to make campfire desserts, as well as lots of refreshments.

Get the Right Equipment

If you have a pool area but have limited outdoor dining space, convert the open area by putting up a clear span tent. This is a good way to enjoy the sunny weather while allowing natural light to illuminate the area for an afternoon party, or get an unobstructed view of the clear evening sky for a poolside party.

Clear span tent rental companies provide the service of assembling and disassembling it, so you don’t need to worry about it. Just hang some fairy lights, set poufs and floor pillows for seating, and you have the perfect venue.

Spread the Word

Send invites faster by creating a formal e-invite. This is a popular form of invites as it’s a free and eco-friendly way to send out invitations. RSVP is also faster and any updates can also be delivered in an instant. You can also integrate a calendar reminder to make sure guests are reminded of the event and a map that reflects live traffic updates to make it easy for guests to navigate routes to the venue.

This quick list will make your summer party planning easier and more organized. Start preparing that pool and get the party planning started.