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Playroom Hacks: Designing Playrooms That You and Your Child Will Love

Playroom Design in Los AngelesA playroom is the one room in your home where your child should be able to run wild and indulge in playtime. It’s the ideal space for your child to develop their imagination. While safety should be your foremost concern, you must also consider the following.

A Functional, Yet Fun Workspace

Designate a specific corner for working and set it with a table and some chairs according to your child’s height. Choose a wall-mounted, flip-down table or a portable trolley if you lack space. You will also need some storage to keep your child’s creative materials and supplies in order.

Accessible Storage

Kid-friendly storage is important, but keep in mind that they need to be accessible to your child so they can learn how to clean up after playing. Decorators in Los Angeles suggest you look for kids furniture stores since they offer a range of storage options specifically made with children in mind.

Zone off storage compartments and organize by theme, so your child can easily identify what items should go where. Keep storage relatively low for easy access and consider tucking them away under shelves, windows, or sofas so they’re not in the way when not in use.

Proper and Comfortable Seating

Sufficient seating is important for socializing and relaxing. Typical chairs and softer or cushioned rugs and mats will do, but a sofa or pullout bed may be a better option to save some space — it could also be used for sleepovers. If money is an issue, beanbags can be a good choice as well.

Personal Style is the Key

What does your child love? Pirates, fairies, the ocean, or animals? Set a theme to make decorating easier and to ensure that your child will love the space. Add some personal touches like your child’s paintings or crafts. You can also paint one wall with blackboard paint so your child can doodle, practice writing, and leave messages.

Look to the Future

You child won’t be a child forever so plan the playroom to be easily adaptable to your growing child’s needs. Look for décor and furnishings that are sturdy and can be easily upgraded through the years.

Keep in mind, however, that of all the considerations you should factor in — your child’s input is the most essential. If your child is old enough, discuss ideas with them before you go out buying stuff for the playroom. Incorporate activities, themes, and colors that you know your child loves.