Post-Disaster Preparedness: Claim Maximum Insurance Coverage

Woman showing the insurance paperwork to the manNonstop rain has caused flooding and disaster in many counties in Chicago recently. Fortunately, reports indicated no fatalities or major injuries and its residents were able to cope with the disaster in spite of the exhaustion. They helped each other and survived.

Disaster Preparedness: Before and After

Compared to these Chicago counties, you may have yet experienced strong rains or storms. You have to be ready for such disasters, especially that summer has now ended. You need to have a plan and kits to help you during the disaster. At the same time, you also need a plan for what you need to do after a disaster.

Claim Your Coverage

Your home will definitely be damaged after heavy rains, flooding, and strong winds. In such cases, you can file a claim with your insurance company and pay only the deductible. Unless you have already filed a claim before, you may think the claims process to be easy, but it can become a hassle.

Smooth Process

You can approach your insurance agent first to file your claim. The agent will retrieve all the necessary information and works on your claim. Eventually, you will meet your insurance company’s claims adjuster who decides how much will be covered by your policy. Many adjusters work fairly, giving you the maximum coverage your policy allows. In case of an injustice, however, you can hire a public claims adjuster.

Ensure Fair Compensation

A public claims adjuster works solely for the policyholder, you. Your adjuster’s job will be to ensure that you will be able to receive the maximum coverage your policy allows. The reason given previously can be enough to hire one. You can also hire one when you have received large property losses and when you are having a hard time communicating with the insurance company adjuster.

Hopefully, should you file a claim, the process will go smoothly for you, but now you know what to do in case of problems along the way. With this, you can consider yourself prepared for events during and after any disaster that may come.