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Preparing to Apply For Your Dream Job

Hiring agents talking to applicants

If you are applying for a job, waiting for the call back can make anyone anxious. But before you even send in your application, know the effective strategies in landing the job you want and avoid the following mistakes.

A Less Than Professional Headshot

It’s not a character flaw to lack posing skills before a camera, but in today’s competitive job market, you’ll want to look confident, positive, open and relaxed in your business profile. Don’t overdo your makeup but do keep your face shine free. Some websites, such as, suggest that you can wear your hair the way you usually do but keep it neatly away from your face. Seek out corporate headshot photographers in Washington, DC for the best profile photos.

The Wrong Objective

Human resource executives are quick to detect candidates who lack genuine passion for the work and its goals. Be sure you are applying for the job for the right reasons, which may include fulfilment, happiness, shared vision with the company, a genuine interest in the field and a strong desire to contribute.

Vague Qualifications

Employers can see through applications that are peppered with adjectives that don’t actually say much. When you highlight an achievement, make it specific, certifiable, verifiable and measurable. For instance, you may say that under your leadership, customer satisfaction ratings have increased by 30%. That would surely get their attention.

Failing to Proofread

Errors in spelling and punctuation do not make you incompetent, but they will make you look careless and ill-prepared. After writing your first draft, give it a little rest. Take a walk, have a cup of tea or sleep, then get back to reviewing your resume. You may be surprised to find errors you previously missed. Repeat this process several times and ask someone else to edit.

Employers don’t expect candidates to be perfect, but presenting yourself as qualified, ready, genuine, and confident can help you land that dream job.