Preventing Imminent Catastrophe: How You Can Deal with Oil Spills

Oil SpillOil has become an essential source of power to society. This is why the ones responsible for the job are on the lookout for safe and good resources. The companies and corporations that are inclined into this type of industry are in fact working their hardest to meet the increasing demand.

This also makes the seas and lands vulnerable to disasters, more particularly oil spill. The most recent and considerably the largest of them is the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also known to be the Mexican Gulf incident) in 2010. Even today, the authorities are continuously in the works to fix the damage caused by the incident.

This is why different organisations and the industry itself go to great lengths to save and protect the environment from spills and other oil disasters. Fortunately, there are safety measures that can prevent and almost ensure that it will never happen again. Here the four essential steps:


To meet the needs of people and the nation as a whole, oil companies are required to develop better solutions that not bring harm or damage to the environment or public. Today, organisations are working on improving every phase of operation in the oil drilling process to prevent further problems. It mainly involves:

  • Routine Equipment Inspection
  • Operational Procedure Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Employee Training


Aside from preventative measures, oil companies make partnerships with the government and communities to create a program that prepares them in the case of emergencies. This includes proper planning and handling, as well as adherence to the safety rules of the trade. From the installation of oil absorbents down to the formation of prepared and response team, the companies are required to meet all these things.


In relation to the second step, the cleanup phase deals with extensive planning and coordination in cases the threat of oil spill occur. This is to avoid further damage and minimise possible risk in the area. It is a vital step to ensure that the area, particularly the environment and community will not experience the adverse impact of the incident.

Spill Causes

Petroleum products are the most vital resources of today’s world. However, one cannot take away the risk and danger of spills. To minimise the chances of this disaster, the companies including the industry itself must understand the precautions associated with it. This is the only step they can take to handle or stop the possibility of such tragic incidents.

While it is already given that oil drilling carries inherent risks, these can be averted with proper procedures and right measures. Be sure to follow and comply with the following steps to avoid the devastating effects of oil-related incidents.