Print’s Not Dead Part 2: The Digital Age

Printed Materials in SanduskyThe mere fact that you’re looking at a screen right now is probably the most ironic part of this piece.

Printed materials may seem to be a thing of the past since the arrival of the digital and paperless age. But, one common misunderstanding about this is that it doesn’t actually mean that prints are no longer needed.

While there’re truly fewer people looking at paper ads, there’s still value in it that the digital world can’t duplicate. According to, no matter how high the hi-tech industry becomes, things that you can hold will always be relevant.

Below are reasons print is not dead and why it’s not going away anytime soon.

A Reason to Hold

It’s human nature to keep things, and they can’t do this unless the thing is a solid material. With the thousands, if not millions, of distractions online, it’s hard to get a hold of digital materials. That’s why printed ads still work.

Trustworthiness and Source

Scams are now common online, so doing your business digitally may feel unsecured at times. In a sense, this part is where printed ads shine the most. You can’t lose anything by looking at printed ads, but you can definitely lose something when you click online ads.

Brand and Authority

Print ads are most effective with big brands because you don’t have to question the products and services anymore. That’s why some users click online ads to look at “reviews” about a particular business just to know if it’s legit.

Price and Market Reach

Not everyone will agree that print ads reach and affect more people. Though if you think about it, online ads can virtually pop out anywhere in the world; it’s often just a matter of quantity. If you ever tried placing online ads, you know too well that it’s mostly just a sophisticated guessing game.

The only time prints will become irrelevant is the time where everybody starts living in the digital world.