Reasons Why Melbourne is the Most Liveable City in the World

Aerial view of Melbourne at nightAustralia is filled with amazing cities, with Melbourne ranking as one of the best in the world. For the past seven years, The Economist has ranked Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city for receiving a perfect score for infrastructure, healthcare and education.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics found that Melbourne is the most popular destination for new arrivals, with approximately 3,587 migrants in 2017. Evidently, the increase in the city’s population is caused by immigrants and people from neighbouring towns who want to experience what the city has to offer.

Being one of the friendliest cities in the world, travelling around the area is not a problem. People are always willing to chat and help, whether they are a commuter on the train or a retail assistant in a department store. Melbourne also offers an array of welcoming suburbs and multiple plots of land for sale in developments within commuting distance of the CBD.

Melbourne is considered Australia’s cultural capital for many reasons

People are passionate about music, arts and literature. You will find chalk art, murals and buskers in the streets. You can visit the Bourke Street to hear buskers of different music genres and appreciate art at the Melbourne Museum. The city’s filled with restaurants offering multicultural cuisine, giving its people a taste from many parts of the world.

The fashion scene in Melbourne is amazing

Wherever you go, you’re likely to see someone dressed to impress or oozing cool chic. People from Melbourne are passionate about expressing themselves, and you’ll see it in their outfits, whether it is a vintage dress or a shirt with crazy prints. From March to September, the Spring Fashion Week and Melbourne Fashion Festival are held in the city.

Melbourne is a melting pot of different cultures

With its exciting diversity, orderly and functioning local government institutions and friendly atmosphere, moving to the city provides an amazing array of opportunities in one of the world’s most liveable destinations.