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Robot-Driven Real Estate Is Not So Bad in a Robot-Driven World

Robot-Driven Real Estate in New ZealandThe responsibilities of an estate agent truly create a long, difficult list. In between soliciting potential clients, promoting properties, guiding transactions and filing all the paperwork that happens in between, life as an estate agent can only be tolerable for those who manage to either excel or enjoy in the profession.

However, with technology there to outright remove legwork from the equation, will estate agencies eventually slip into the depths of obsolescence?

Sinking Yard Signs

Yes, but not because negotiating residential deals is a waste of time; see, like countless other professions, human-managed real estate is no longer the best means to its purported end. It is not going to happen tomorrow, but soon enough, robots will handle everything that needs handling – people will make it so.

This does not have to be a bad thing. Like every other person who has ever held a job, real estate brokers should be anticipating the day technology could live that repetitiously mandatory part of their lives – especially when universal income is the incentive.

Super Brokers

Of course, human brokers, complete with that new qualifier, will remain. Human aspiration goes beyond the perpetual free vacation, and those that still choose to pursue a career in real estate will get both the prestige and easier job. When technology cannot step in for a person, a person can use technology to step even farther.

From smarter advertising up to international transactions – instances of which are beginning to manifest today – these highly motivated, technology-enabled ‘super brokers’, as professionals from describe them, will shape the industry in ways beyond what is currently humanly possible.

For now, real estate brokerage as a human profession stays in its safe, competitive place. But as machines outpace people in that aspect of life that count (and pays), people may choose to meet the next technological disruption with anticipation or with dread.

Deeds and dollars will flow either way.