Safe Shelving: Reminders for Securing and Measuring Pallet Racking Systems

Pallet Racking SystemA sturdy pallet racking system is essential to the success of any business: it maximises storage space and creates commercial efficiency, as well as comes in different styles, sizes and load capacities that accommodate the needs of various industries. Before proceeding to set up a racking system of your own, however, be aware of its background and the installation process involved. Here are a couple of reminders that should increase your system’s safety and structural integrity.

Study Its Background

Components of second-hand pallet racking are easily available anywhere these days. As such, recommends a thorough examination of the rack’s history, especially any points of stress that might have weakened the parts. These include earthquakes, collapses and forklift damage. Knowing these things increases your chances of passing the New Zealand Standards.

Figure Out the Process

Naturally, you want to avoid pallet racking-related injuries. One way to keep accidents from occurring is by properly measuring your system to determine how much weight your racking can take.

For example, you measure beam lengths as the actual distance between a pair of frames. On the other hand, you take the maximum forklift reach height, the building’s ceiling height, and local building code regularisations into consideration when measuring the frame. The dimensions for frame measurements are the height, depth and column size.

Worksafe, a government agency in Western Australia, carried out an inspection program over 2015-2016. It looked into the range of hazards that workers in various workplaces experience. Results showed that many serious incidents involved racking. They then narrowed these concerns down to three areas:

  • Safe working loads not displayed;
  • Racking not secured or bolted down; and
  • Missing safety locking pins.

By keeping those factors in mind, in addition to proper measuring procedures, your pallet racking system will be sturdy enough to hold anything your industry would require.