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Safety First When Handling Meat Slicers

Industrial Meat SlicersModern technologies continue to advance and make a lot of things more convenient. The food service industry, in particular, widely benefits from the advantages of food slicer. This machine allows people to cut chunks of meat into their desired shape and size in the most accurate and quickest way possible.

The agents from Titan Slicer say that food slicers suit a vast range of processor needs. But, they present safety hazards when used improperly. Unless there is a factory defect, the fault often falls solely on the user. This machine has very sharp blades spinning at maximum speed, and even the slightest contact can cut your skin. That is why it pays to know how to prevent these food slicer dangers.

Importance of Proper Usage

Amputation is one of the most severe injuries you can get in the workplace, as it makes you permanently disabled. Studies show that food slicers are among the top causes of this injury in New Zealand. To address the problem, authorities strictly require people to observe utmost safety when handling this machine.

For employers who own a meat processing business, they must select well-capable employees. Getting the right workers from the start substantially decreases the rate of potential accidents. Employers must also provide appropriate work guidelines and hand protection, such as cut-resistant gloves.

Safety Handling Guidelines

Whether the slicer is turned on or off, you should not put your hands anywhere near its top and bottom areas as long as it remains connected to an electrical outlet. Whenever the machine is not in use, unplug it from the socket and fully retract the blade. This is the same when maintaining or cleaning the machine, making sure it won’t unexpectedly start up while you’re wiping the surfaces or the blade itself.

If possible, employers should require their workers to undergo training sessions on safely handling the food slicer. Each employee must at least receive training under the direct supervision of operators.

To ensure your safety when using food slicers, it’s ideal to equip the machine with a feeding attachment on the sliding mechanism of the food holder.