Safety Hand Gloves Selection Guide

Blue safety hand glovesWorking with hazardous materials can be dangerous if you do not have protective gear to prevent contact with chemicals. It is for this reason that manufacturers such as Esko have come up with safety hand gloves that suit various people in different fields.

The guide below will help you select the right gloves to ensure maximum protection against the hazardous material.

Identify the dangers of the materials that you will be handling

You should base the selection of a glove type on the level of exposure and the type of the hazardous material. This is important because you will find that some chemicals easily penetrate gloves that work perfectly for other chemicals.

As such, consider factors such as; temperature extremes, the combination of chemicals, toxicity, pH levels, infection potential and physical hazards.

Determine whether you will be having incidental contact with the dangerous material

This is where you will be having minimal or no direct contact with the mentioned materials. This includes situations such as accidental splashes and spills, handling of infectious materials that need protection from, or accidental spraying of the chemical from a dispensing device. In this category, disposable gloves are good enough. People often prefer nitrile gloves due to their chemical resistance over latex.

Determine whether you will have extended contact with hazardous substances

Extended contacts include situations such as submerging hands in solutions, touching highly contaminated materials and exposure to extreme temperatures as well as piercing or sharp objects. In this case, the situation requires more solid safety hand gloves. Experts highly recommend Norfoil gloves for extremely toxic materials and chemicals that the skin easily absorbs.

All safety hand gloves have their advantages and disadvantages. Understanding the differences and the nature of the material that you will be handling goes a long way in ensuring your safety. Experts also recommend that you dispose the gloves correctly and always wash your hands after removing the gloves.