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School Uniform is Successful School Branding

School UniformIt’s easy to dismiss school uniforms as cumbersome. Truth to tell, however, nothing separates an aspiring young Australian from a street punk no-do-gooder than a set of agreed wear. Aside from that, it promotes learning at its most practical.

Worrying Demographics

Australia may be blessed with cities that have caught the fancy of the world. Just thinking how much of a tourist beacon Sydney has become and how Melbourne has consistently topped the list of the world’s most liveable city, is enough to make any Aussie beam with pride and confidence.

And yet, the Land Down Under is still a work in progress. Even when its cities are the envy of the world, there are still parts of its society that need to be addressed and improved. Education is one aspect.

Researchers working at Melbourne’s Mitchell Institute reveal that a quarter of Australian school students are choosing not to finish Year 12 – in short, quit school. And the problem is even more pronounced in low-income neighbourhoods. The study show only about 60 percent of students coming from low socioeconomic backgrounds get to finish school; for their wealthier counterparts, it’s 90 percent.

It’s sad and it’s a ‘real waste of potential talent,’ director of the institute at Victoria University, Dr. Sara Glover, affirms.

Helpful Branding

In such a scenario, it certainly pays to promote school. And there may be no better way to do it than with school uniforms. Those compulsory school clothes, says, identify a budding student better than any other means. By donning the colours, you can easily separate young people belonging to a particular school bent on building a better future and those who are lackadaisical about life.

Moreover, school uniforms make school life a lot easier. Quite simply, it eliminates the need to decide on which clothes to wear to school every day. So, your child does not waste precious time trying to outdo his classmate on what best to wear. Finally, the habit in wearing school clothes gives these youngsters the necessary discipline to wear company garb in the future.

Truly, school uniforms brand school and learning like no other.