Self-Paced Learning — Transforming High School Classrooms

a woman with white headphones on a self paced learningIn a traditional high school classroom, students follow the pace of the curriculum. The teacher provides a series of lessons and tests, and it’s the responsibility of each student in the class to keep up. While this time-honored classroom setting provides structure for many students, this may not work for others.

Fortunately, with today’s technology, students who don’t do well in a traditional classroom setting can choose a self-paced approach to learning, instead. Self-paced learning differs from teacher-led lessons as it allows students to customize the way they study using computer-based programs. Teachers provide guidance and tailor the lessons based on the unique needs and learning styles of the students.

How Does Self-Paced Learning Work?

In self-paced learning, students can choose to take the lesson, a remedial course, or guided practice. These lessons and exercises can be in the form of videos, presentations, and other engaging, quality materials. In e-Institute, for instance, lessons and materials are aligned with the state standards to make sure students receive a high-quality education even if they’re learning at their own pace.

When students feel like they’ve mastered the lesson or material, they can request a check-in exercise that tests whether they’ve reached the learning goal of the course. The instructor can discuss the exercise results with the student to determine if he or she is ready to move on to the next lesson.

Many high school students like having a choice in their learning, which makes them more engaged in the academic content. But engagement isn’t only the benefit of this innovative learning format. Here are other advantages of self-paced learning:

Personalized Feedback

When teachers give class feedback, some students feel like the advice isn’t applicable to them. But personalized feedback after a class in self-paced learning environment resonates more deeply with each student, as it addresses individual needs for improvement.

Boosts Confidence

With the freedom to choose their lessons or exercises, students feel more confident about their learning experience. Students also gain a sense of responsibility for their academic track.

Convenient Remote Courses

Self-paced lessons are often given in a classroom setup or online. These online, remote courses give students an opportunity to reach their unique learning goal — whether it’s to catch up on credits, take advanced lessons to speed up graduation, or complete high school curriculum while maintaining a day job.

Through innovation, self-paced learning programs transform high school classrooms, equipping students with lessons and learning disciplines that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.