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Service Through Protection: The Duties of Security Officers

Security Guard in ProvoGetting hired as a security guard means you have to be mentally, physically, and psychologically prepared for practically anything. But, there are things that you should remind yourself each day when you take on the job.

Here are some of them:

Protection and Security

The meat and bones of a security personnel’s duty is in keeping peace and order whenever he is around. Different threats may happen in a moment and certain places like night clubs, banks, hotels, and even hospitals in Utah will require battle-ready security guards. When looking for security jobs, keep in mind that discipline and awareness are essential for any kind of emergencies and dangers.


Visibility is a must when you’re a security guard. More than simply standing ground and looking tough, you must also possess a thoughtful and helpful character. Not everyone who comes and goes in the office or your area of responsibility will know where they need to go and, in some cases, know what to do in the face of an emergency. And never minimize your importance even if it means doing the most menial task of giving simple directions because to some, that is of utmost importance at that time.

Monitoring and Patrol

Stationary posts are typical for a lot of security staff. There are times, though, where you’ll be requested to make the rounds in a specified control area. You may be appointed to do this solo or in detail, depending on the size of the floor or the security measures required of you. A physically fit and healthy body will be your first need, as well as sharpened senses for analysing situations and identifying even a hint of danger.

As part of the security personnel, people will rely on you for many things. It might seem like tedium when nothing exciting happens but you still serve a purpose no matter how little assistance you seem to give. Remember, nothing is too small or too big a task when safety and security are involved.