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Setting Yourself Up for Success: Creating Your Home Office

Home OfficeA growing number of workers have reported an increase in productivity when they work from home. As a result, some companies have allowed employees to do so as it also cuts down on office maintenance costs. For these employees and those working on their own business, there are numerous benefits to creating a home office.

Draw the Line

Designate a clear space for your office. If you can set aside an entire room for the purpose, even better! Doing so will put you in the appropriate mindset and mood for work. Scour garage sales and flea markets for used office desks and other furnishings to complete your space. A little creativity can go a long way when making a dedicated work area. You can also head to providers like New Life Office.

Tech and Tactics

Take stock of what you need to maximize efficiency. In general, you should have a laptop, printer, mobile phone, and a reliable internet connection. Anything beyond these depends on the nature of your work. Your primary goals are to maintain efficiency and productivity. Even if you are working from home, you should also allot specific working hours and breaks. Clocking in hours of work without sufficient rest can lead to burn out.

The Tax Advantage

Aside from increased productivity, a home office space may be tax deductible. This can include expenses incurred creating your home office and related expenses once it has been put to use. To get a good idea how much your deduction will be, multiply your office’s square footage by $5. This space should be clearly identifiable as your work area, whether it is a separate room or one marked off by a divider or screen.

Final Consultations

Once you’re settled, discuss your new set up with a qualified tax professional to find out what items are applicable for tax deductions. Set up rules for yourself and your family for when you are in your workspace during your designated work hours. This way, it is clear to everyone that, despite your presence, you are working and expect to be given the space you need to do so.