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A Shift in Focus For Tomorrow’s Franchise Consultants

Business people walking togetherAs technology advances and demands shift, the typical days of a franchise consultant may not be as conventional as they were before. Instead of working in a traditional office, you may find opportunities to work at home or in the cloud. There are also different ways to connect with the franchises other than the old-fashioned in-person visits.

If you’re aiming to become a franchise consultant this 2018, then be prepared to see some changes in work operations.

Future Role

Many senior franchise operations executives attended the recently held Franchise Operations Performance Summit (OPS). They were asked to share their vision of what the role of the franchise consultant will be like in the future.Some of the questions revolved around the skill sets that future franchise consultants should possess and the type of training that current field experts need in order to transition to new demands of the market.

Attendees of the event agreed that incoming consultants will have to adopt a more hands-on approach to dealing with clients and become more knowledgeable from a technological standpoint. Technologies such as private franchisee websites, Skype, and other online applications are becoming the leading modes of communication.

Predictive analysis, improved CRM, and diagnosis dashboards will also help field consultants drive meaningful discussions with franchisees.

A Pull vs. Push Approach

While much of the discussion focused on technology, the executives stressed the significance of acting more like a business coach than an IRS auditor. This transition will equip franchisees with the skills to engage and train their employees to improve retention and morale. Future franchise consultants should also appeal to various age groups, including recent college graduates, Gen Xers, and baby boomers.

This 2018, being technologically savvy and having a greater level of interpersonal skills are turning out to be the most important attributes of incoming franchise advisers. These contribute to a more tailored approach to managing franchisees.