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Site Safety Policies Every Construction Firm Should Implement

Construction Men at workConstruction sites are some of the most dangerous areas for both workers and the public. Many factors contribute to this higher level of risk, from insufficient training and experience of workers to inappropriate use of equipment and tools, this particular industry is rife with threats.

Through the implementation of stringent and rigorous safety policies, however, construction firms can drastically minimise these potential hazards.

Security and Protective Barriers

Security and protective barriers are some of the most crucial safety must haves in construction sites. Not only do these keep workers safe, they also mitigate public safety threats. Due to their major roles, many construction firms work with Christchurch providers of temporary fence hire services.

Installation of these fencing systems serves the purpose of reminding workers that they are about to enter a hazard zone, which means that they should have their protective gear on. For public safety, these barriers serve as a warning to pedestrians that there is ongoing construction, demolition, or excavation and that they should take precautions or better yet, avoid the route altogether.

Respiratory Protection

Particulate matter, or particle pollution, is another health and safety threat that workers need to protect themselves against. These small particles — comprised of dust, chemicals, and other hazardous solids or liquids — can cause serious lung ailments and even organ damage as well as cancer.

This then makes the use of respiratory protective equipment (RPE) an integral component of site safety policies.

Personal Protective Equipment

While personal protective equipment (PPE) serves as a support for other risk control methods in construction sites, workers should never disregard their importance. Wearing helmets, dust masks, gloves, and other protective gear will still make a huge difference in their safety and security.

There are several other safety policies every construction company should strictly enforce, but these are some of the most important.