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Smart SEO Strategies for Your Local Business

SEO Marketing StrategiesSearch engine optimization for a brick and mortar business is a great way to boost your visibility, improve credibility, and increase your local customer base. It can help you add to your already existing customer base by reaching out to potential clients who are actively seeking your products and services in the local area.

The Google Game Changer

The first step to boosting your local visibility is to list your business on the local Google Plus page, Google Places, and Google My Business. Use the right keywords to describe your business as succinctly and relevantly as possible. Make sure your account is verified.

Offer correct and updated details about the business, including the opening hours, contact numbers, email, URL, and physical address. This makes it easier for customers to physically locate your enterprise or contact you.

Encourage your customers to leave behind genuine reviews. This will help other prospective customers make an informed choice about your products or services while also giving you more exposure.


On-page SEO factors, such as using the right keywords when creating content, are vital for appearing in the local search engine listings. It’s a good practice to add the name of your region in the title, along with a relevant keyword that best describes your products or services.

It also helps to have the location and keyword included in the page URL. Knowledgeable and experienced Denver SEO experts can help you with these on-page details and increase your visibility in local search listings.

There are several SEO marketing strategies for small business owners to find more customers locally. On-page SEO, the use of social media, designing responsive mobile websites, and adding business-friendly search engine features are some of them.