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Standard No-Nos to Observe When Interviewing an Applicant

Applicant InterviewNo matter how the job demands shifts, the hiring process will always remain the same. So whether one applies for a CEO position or entry-level post, they still have to undergo the assessment.

Legal Labs shares that a lot could go wrong in the hiring process especially if the company currently lacks vital employees. That’s why learning the standard red flags can serve more than just background knowledge. Here’s a list of things to watch out for when hiring a new employee in the outlook of an HR.

The Time the Applicant Arrived

The hiring process starts as soon as there’s an invitation for the interview. How early or how late the applicant arrives is already performance indicator. So if the applicant comes in tardy for no other reason than traffic, then it’s already minus point.

Poor References

Listing a co-worker of the same level isn’t a good enough reference. Now, if the applicant doesn’t have the capability to get the endorsement of the boss, then he may have something to hide.

Lying Tendencies

During the interview, it’s possible to determine whenever the applicant is a frequent liar. Try to ask them a series of same-sounding questions and observe their answers. Note that if they can lie in the interview, it’s very likely that they’d do the same on the job.

Superman Look at Self

Everyone has a weakness. So if an applicant claims otherwise, that’s something you want to discuss further in the interview. But, if the discussion drags on and no weakness showed, it’s either they’re needlessly confident or just unprepared to answer.

Negativity towards Previous Work

It’s no good if the applicant already spilled the beans from the first mention of his or her previous company. Just imagine the things that applicant can say when he resigns from your business.

Although not perfect, there is always a way to gauge the character of someone. You just need to ask the right questions, and they’d naturally show their true colours.