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Starting Your Green Life

Scrap metal recyclingLiving green is becoming the next big thing. And why not? The world definitely needs its inhabitants to start taking care of the planet before it deteriorates. A lot of people are living green already. If you’re not one of them, you can still join the bandwagon.

You might ask, “Why should I?” Well, for one, you will be helping preserve planet—a world you live in. Living sustainably also has its perks, among those, either saving or making money.

Now is the perfect time to go green! Include it in your list of New Year’s resolutions. Make it a habit, especially since it’s for a good cause. Not sure where to start? Here’s a guide for you:


Recycling is probably the most common way to live green. By recycling, you’re helping the world move towards sustainable development. There are many wastes that you can recycle. Such are: glass, metal, paper, and plastic. You just have to ask around how you can recycle those materials. For instance, there are metal recycling groups around Auckland that can help you by buying your scrap metal. Not only will that help the planet, it will also help your wallet since selling such really pays.

Take short bathroom trips

That means you should be wary of how long you spend your time in the shower. Yes, the place is a good area to think about life and decisions, but you have to consider the amount of water you’re using. Take shorter showers. Also, since the goal is to conserve, you might want to install a water-efficient showerhead at home. That way, you will be able to cut your water consumption.

Turn off devices, appliances that are not in use

It’s a simple tip that needs reminding every now and then. If you’re not using an electrical device, just turn it off. Like water, you should be conserve energy as well. Again, doing so will even help you cut on your power consumption and cost.

There are more ways to live sustainably, but these are the most basic ways you should be imbibing within yourself. Practice these and you won’t have a hard time adjusting to living green in the long run.