Surviving the Journey: Traveling With Kids

Family at the back of their carTraveling alone with small children can frazzle even the most seasoned parents, but it’s no reason to forego the opportunity to visit new places and experience new cultures. The memories and learning you and the kids take away from any trip more than outweigh the challenges that come your way.

So relax and employ these smart tricks to get you through the journey.

The Right Time to Travel

By selecting the right time to travel, you can already significantly reduce stress and improve the chances of making the journey an enjoyable one. Plan your travel dates away from weekends, major holidays, events and conferences to avoid large crowds.

Select a night schedule for a long-haul flight so that kids can spend most of the time asleep. For shorter trips, take the morning schedule so that the kids are not tired and cranky.

Luggage Strategy

A minimalist approach to packing would help when traveling alone with small children as it is recommended to fit everyone’s clothing and gear into one suitcase since you will need at least one free hand to herd the kids through a busy airport.

Plan to source all your supplies and consumables at the destination and find companies who offer child car seats rentals where you are going. Take essentials for the journey in a good-sized backpack so you can have both hands free once the suitcase is checked in.

Store the backpack under the seat in front of you so you will always have access even during take-off and landing.

Airport and Cabin Fashion

Dress everyone as comfortable as possible, including yourself. Plan to wear pants with an elastic waistband to forego belts and slip on shoes that do not require you and your kids to lace up after removing them during the security check.

You may also keep your watch in your carry on to avoid having to remove it through security checks and use your mobile phone to keep track of the time instead.

With these tips, traveling alone with small children does not need to be a form of torture you have to endure. You can look forward to the trip free of stress and self-doubt and build lasting memories cherished in years to come.