CarpetCarpets can do wonders when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home. If you’ve just invested in one, then no doubt you want to keep it looking gorgeous for the longest time possible. That’s easier than you may have imagined.

Here are four tips that can help preserve the beauty of your carpet for ages:

Keep your carpet clean

Your carpet needs to be vacuumed regularly. Do it daily if possible. You can invest in a robotic vacuum if that seems like too much work for you. Vacuuming helps remove dust and debris before they sink deep into the carpet. From time to time, your carpet will need deep extraction to look new again. Have an expert offering carpet cleaning services like ProKleen in Salt Lake City help out during such occasions.

Act on stains immediately

While you want to avoid spillage that may cause stains on your carpet, sometimes accidents happen. The best solution is to blot out the stain right away. If you let it sit on the carpet for too long, it may become permanent. Where you can’t successfully remove the stain, call in an expert to help out.

Use a doormat

A doormat is highly effective in reducing the amount of dirt that’s tracked into your house. Buy one or a few and place them strategically. They are very affordable, but they can extend the life of your carpet significantly.

 Avoid direct sun

Direct sunlight on your carpet can cause its dye to fade over time. To avoid that, lower your curtain to block some of the UV light from reaching the carpet. Also, ensure you rotate the carpet every six months, so any possible color change is evenly distributed.

Your carpet is an essential part of your interior décor, so you need to protect it well. By applying just a few simple habits, you can keep your carpet looking elegant for a long time.