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Taking Blogging Seriously = Taking Editorial Calendars Seriously

Blogging in PAThere’s more to maintaining a blog than just writing too many blog posts. It’s also about strategy.

Planning for your content is a lifesaver, especially if you write with multiple authors. If you want your blog post to thrive, audience interaction is also important. Taking your blog seriously means careful and strategic planning.

Devising THE Blog Plan

For Market-Max, a local SEO expert, the plan should always start with a calendar. Editorial calendars plot out all the posts you want to write. Creating the calendar requires a thorough brainstorming session with all of your blog authors. Work on future posts with a list of ideas and wishes, then plot them out on your calendar.

Get ideas from current news and events. Remember, users love posts that discuss trending topics. Don’t forget to include major events, as well as seasonal posts. Mix these posts with other current-events pieces for exciting combinations.

Regular Blogging is a Must

Keeping the blog alive requires discipline and determination on your end. How can you expect readers to visit the site if it doesn’t offer new content?

There’s no exact number of pieces you have to post. For example, company blogs can do with daily posts. Personal blog posts, on the other hand, do not require everyday posts. Instead, establish a frequency routine and stick with it. Readers love reliable schedules; they know when to expect posts from you.

Variation Helps Every Time

Nobody enjoys reading the same thing over and over again. But if you do wish to write about similar topics, mix the pieces a little bit. Never write about nearly identical topics; readers will think you’re running out of creative juices. Instead, make variations of the form, such as adding videos to liven it up.

If you take blogging seriously, a calendar helps. It’s a must-have that spares you from the stresses that come with multiple authors. It need not be a difficult task. All it takes is dedication, determination, and discipline on your end.