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The Cost of a Stolen Laptop

Laptop Thief in LahoreA stolen laptop leaves a trail of misery. The misery starts with the money you spent in buying the device. The trail picks up with your realization that you forgot to have a backup for your files. It goes downhill from there once the thief uses the information on your computer.

It’s Not Just the Hardware

The laptop itself is valuable, and its valuation goes up if it’s a premium brand, such as Apple or Lenovo. The professional thief, however, doesn’t just think about the hardware. A thief will pay particular attention to what’s inside your hardware, too. My Shop Online revealed that a stolen laptop causes the fastest growing fear among professionals: data access.

Remember, your laptop contains your digital life. It may have passwords to your bank accounts. It may also contain information on your credit cards, social security, tax records, passport, address, and other details that no one else but you should access. With the wealth of information from your laptop, any thief can sell your identity to the highest bidder.

Thieves can do anything with the information they get from your laptop. And you might pay a heavy price, long after you’ve paid the credit card bill from the laptop.

To Spot a Thief

You can avoid becoming prey to laptop thieves. For starters, try a security alarm system. Targus has a device that uses stainless steel cable and motion-sensor technology to create a locking alarm system. You can attach it to your laptop or its carrying case.

You can stay alert in public places. Thieves generally scout airports and Wi-Fi hotspots. Brazen criminals will not wait while you look away or put your laptop down. Some may have the nerve to steal it right off of your hands.

Cushion the Impact

It’s unlikely you’ll recover your stolen laptop. You can report the crime to the police, except laptop theft isn’t a high-priority case for detectives. You’ll eventually have to get a new one, and deal with the aftermath of lost files and stolen data.

You can soften the blow of a lost laptop by protecting your information now. Use software that provides layers of protection for your data.

Don’t leave your laptop in public places. Use software to protect your sensitive information. And never let laptop thieves hijack your life after they steal your valuable possession.