The Key to Retaining Client Trust after a Product Return

Happy ClientNo seller or vendor wants to have a dissatisfied customer, especially with today’s extremely competitive market. However, businesses still need to have effective policies specifically for handling such matters in place, to abate unpleasant feelings and perceptions.

This said, it’s vital that you implement only the most effective practices when it comes to your return to vendor process.

Breaking down “return to vendor”

Also commonly referred to as RTV, this process pertains to the process of returning goods that occur between a buyer (the retailer or user) and a vendor (the goods provider). There are several possible reasons why a buyer would want to return the goods, including product defects, incorrect product, or a simple change in preference. Whatever the reason for the return though, it’s crucial that the vendor processes it promptly, or it can lead to serious customer dissatisfaction.

Creating a systematic return merchandise process

One of the first steps to developinga well-oiled RTV policy is categorizing each case based on the reason. From the vendor side, these include receipt of defective products; receipt of wrong items; receipt of incorrect quantities; or products mistakenly shipped. From the buyer side, these include errors when making the order; and incorrect or incomplete specifications.

Depending on how large the volumes or quantities of shipments your business makes, manually categorizing these will take a lot of time. The good news is, you can now use a high-quality return to vendor service from providers like that will simplify things for you.

Quick responses keep the trust and relationship intact

Returning, repairing, or refunding isn’t enough to make customers forget their initial dissatisfaction with having to go through RTV. You have to do respond as quickly as you can, as this will help maintain your relationship with your clients. Otherwise, this may result in the loss of client trust. A robust RTV service can help you achieve this goal.