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The Mobile Difference: Unique Aspects of Mobile SEO

Aspects of Mobile SEODesktop and mobile SEO are one and the same, say many people. This is true, but only to some extent. Sure, the basics of it are the same – content, links, and optimization. It will always boil down to these three basics. When it comes to mobile, you should pay attention to a few more aspects.

Experts in digital marketing in Minneapolis point out these three things:

Local Listings

You might say that local listings are already part of your SEO campaign, but its importance doubles when it comes to mobile. Many overlook this because they think the lack of competition in the area is negligible, but listings are actually a great marketing opportunity. As the competition is less dense, it is easier to be on top of the SERPs with the right optimization for these local listings.


Did you know that Google Maps and Apple Maps are part of the 25 most popular apps among US-based smartphone users? That’s right; mobile users like to search for locations of stores.

For this reason, you need to harness the power of maps. You have to literally put your brand name on the map, alongside your business location and contact details. It helps with your brand’s credibility and gives you better web presence for those searching for businesses within your area.

Voice Search

Hands-free search is still in its early stages. Apple’s Siri is not that sophisticated yet, and so are the counterparts of this tool in Android and Microsoft. Even so, people do use them — ergo, there’s a potential market when you optimize properly for voice search.

How do you do this? Again, it all goes back to location data. There are reviews from Yelp, for instance, which could help a business be more visible in its niche.

In SEO, there is no one-size fits all solution. You have to tailor your strategy on the medium and tweak it according to the updates and algorithms that Google rolls out. Observe this practice and you can easily be a top player in your field.