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The Runway Look with Bleached Eyebrows: Just Ask Kendall Jenner

Eyebrow in CaliforniaThinking about the life of top models such as Kendall Jenner brings one thought to mind: everything is pretty glamorous. She’s all about hitting up the red carpet, rubbing elbows with famous designers, and fashionable adventures with her BFFs Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne. But the runway world, apparently, is not always all glitz and glamour.

Need proof? Just look at Kendall Jenner’s altered appearance during the Marc Jacobs Fall runway show.

Bleached Eyebrows: Kendall’s Thoughts

In a post from her personal website/app, the 20-year old model expressed her thoughts on eyebrow bleaching, which resulted in some fall out.

“I’ve been asked to alter my appearance in so many ways, it’s not even funny,” says Jenner. “I think the worst is when designers want to mess with my eyebrows, though. It always freaks me out because every time they do it, I lose them. They literally fall OUT! It’s bad — I really hate getting a bleach.”

Kendall’s no stranger to bleaching her eyebrows. Last season, she wore super light brows for the Givenchy Spring show. Because of the constant strain on her eyebrows, the supermodel had to endure damaged follicles.

Lesson Learned

For the record, dyeing or tinting your eyebrows is still safe, according to experts from It also offers numerous advantages such as complementing your new hair color and giving your look that extra edge. But keep two things in mind: don’t do it too much and always consult with a professional.

Since Kendall’s always on the runway, her face is rarely without make-up; the same applies to her brows. Chemicals always touch her beautiful arches, which result in some fall out problems. You can easily bleach your eyebrows every other day, but you damage your follicles in the process. Also, overlapping beach poses a problem.

If you want to amp your look, always seek professional help. Doing it yourself is always risky; you wouldn’t want to sacrifice your brows for a little mistake. Visit your nearby salon for recommendations and enjoy a runway-esque look.

Keep your brows in good condition by going easy with the experimental bleaching. Always trust a professional who can help your brows to stay put. In the meantime, let’s hope Kendall has good make-up to fill her arches.