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The Three Dangers Faced by the Modern Miner

Dangers of MiningLike playing a game of Chicken. Against a mountain.

Mining is undeniably one of the riskiest occupations in the world. Advancements in mining technology and knowledge mitigate most of the hazards involved with the job. But, in the world’s undeveloped mines, the industry still fundamentally boils down into a brinkmanship — where ill-equipped miners scrape through bedrock to see how much they can take just before it yields.

Countless industries rely heavily on mining to bring up precious resources from underground. The occupational hazards are always present, but instructors from note how mining is no longer as dangerous as it was before. Here are the three dangers miners face daily, and how modern safety measures are preventing them:

  1. Cave-ins

The most obvious risk in mining is also unfortunately essential to the entire process. The collapse of tunnels is a risk the industry simply has to take, but not for granted. With today’s large-scale operations, the use of more reliable bracing equipment, carefully planned tunnelling systems, and green mining practices can minimise this unavoidable risk.

  1. Gas Explosions

The build-up of methane gas within coalmines can trigger catastrophic explosions. Proper ventilation is the best precaution operators can take, since there is no way to extinguish flames hundreds of metres below ground.

  1. Vehicle Collisions

The problem with the largest mines using trucks to transport excavated minerals directly out from the site is that they can slip on the makeshift haulage roads. Even parked vehicles can come loose with the soil and fall down chasms. This why inspectors should always keep in mind the regulations in place when vehicles are used to transport materials in and out of the mine.

Safety not only lies with high-tech equipment, but also with respect to the power of the mountains. For the world’s miners, their job is a mostly thankless one, but with the dangers they face each day, gratitude probably is the least thing on their noble minds.