The Value of Human Localization

Human TranslationAs people and countries become even more interconnected, it is important that simple things, like a website or even a product, are localized and translated for easy consumption. The advent of the Internet Age means national boundaries are almost non-existent despite the distance between countries.

For any business entering the international market, localization is an integral part of advancement. It may even define success. And while localization isn’t exactly a difficult thing to do, how human should the translation of your content and product be?

Human Localization and Translation

Localization is simply the process of adapting a product or piece of content that will be better received by a specific locale or market. Despite the importance of localizing products and content, most businesses and individuals are content with simple localization; that is, translation done by machine. As the value of content and its authority online increases, there is a pressing need for localization that sounds genuine.

Lingua Technologies International explains that language translation, when done professionally, is effective and inherently superior when it is done by a human. This is what most businesses tend to take for granted – the power of human translation and how it sounds genuine to other people.

Localizing Products and Content

A piece of content that’s localized through human translation has an easier time being received by the target audience. Not only that, it helps the business (or the individual) establish an air of authority.

But what’s the real benefit of localizing a product through human translation? It makes marketing easier. A piece of content in English, despite the language’s prevalence, is still limited to those who understand the language. Through translation, the potential to reach other markets and other audiences increases.

Localizing your product should be an integral part of your business process for a chance to take the global market. While computerised translation is readily available, human touch is still superior.